Upcoming Events

TX-CERA Monthly Board Meeting

Thursday, July 8 at 2PM.

Webinar: Emergency Planning and Response, Texas-Style

Wednesday, July 14 at 3:00PM EDT (2:00 PM CST)

Join us, as Olivia Primanis from the Texas Collections Emergency Resource Alliance (TX-CERA) and Lauren Hainley from the Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) discuss response efforts following Polar Vortex Uri, in February 2021.

Register through FAIC:  https://learning.culturalheritage.org/products/emergency-planning-and-response-texas-style

TX-CERA Monthly Board Meeting

Thursday, August 12 at 2PM.

Quarterly Meeting of TX-CERA and the THR

Date to be determined.

An email with the meeting link will be sent out to TX-CERA board members and Texas Heritage Responders.