Nicholas Flooding

To our community in Texas and Louisiana, we hope you are safe. If you have any questions, the TX-CERA hotline is being monitored (669)237-2243, and we have resources available online at Here are a couple of links to help get started:

As you return to your institutions, remember that your safety comes first. Be sure to have PPE ready to wear and keep an eye out for pests that may have been brought in by flooding.

Emergency Preparation Webinar and Tropical Storm Ida

AIC/FAIC will be hosting a webinar titled “Establishing and Maintaining Emergency Supply Caches” on September 15 at 2 PM EDT. Register here:

Emergency supply caches are a great thing to have prepared during hurricane season, as the approach of Tropical Storm Ida reminds us. For the latest updates on the storm and how it may affect your area, keep your eyes on NOAA:

If your institution is affected by the storm, TX-CERA is able to help provide advice for handling water damaged collections. Give us a call at (669)237-2243 or email us at

THC Emergency Resources

From an emergency salvage checklist to a list of organizations to contact after a disaster, the Texas Historical Commission has a great selection of resources for Texas institutions and historical properties impacted by weather events.

Recovering Wet Photographs

Photographs are a treasured part of a family’s or institution’s collection, and water damage can have a devastating effect on them. The Galveston Historical Foundation produced this short video showing how to recover wet photographs. Preservation Australia presents this ten-minute video about how to salvage photographs from water damaged albums.

Case Study: Whitney Museum of American Art

When Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast in 2012, the Whitney Museum of American Art, adjacent to the Hudson River, and under construction at the time, had its original flood mitigation plans put to the test. Unprecedented amounts of water led the team to rethink the permanent and temporary measures to prevent water damage to the collection.

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