Nicholas Flooding

To our community in Texas and Louisiana, we hope you are safe. If you have any questions, the TX-CERA hotline is being monitored (669)237-2243, and we have resources available online at Here are a couple of links to help get started:

As you return to your institutions, remember that your safety comes first. Be sure to have PPE ready to wear and keep an eye out for pests that may have been brought in by flooding.

Smithsonian Emergency Plan Resources

What challenges does your museum face in an emergency situation? Water? Fire? Preparing for a disaster by developing plan that any staff member can access and work through is a great way to get ahead of the stress emergencies bring. The Smithsonian Institution has collected some great links to get you started.

The Fungus Trolley

Does an object in your collection show signs of a fungal infestation, but can’t be removed from display? Or perhaps your conservation facility is off-site, or simply does not have the treatment space available? On page 3 of this 2010 IIC newsletter, conservators from the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia describe the development of the Fungus Trolley, which allows them to treat artifacts safely in the display areas.

THC Emergency Resources

From an emergency salvage checklist to a list of organizations to contact after a disaster, the Texas Historical Commission has a great selection of resources for Texas institutions and historical properties impacted by weather events.